The Reckoning

(a compilation of happy thoughts)

Gustave Dore Paradise Lost Satan

“enter the mysterious world that’s me”

There once was a shadow, lost in the Dark, desperately searching for a ray of light. Only Fate didn’t feel for him, and led the senses astray. So he travelled across the eternal night, a desolate blight, to the seventh pillar of hope which should have pointed the way, but instead left him in its falling shade. Giving in, he lay down, all alone in a world bereft of colour and form. Slowly, oh so slowly, cold extended her icy claws, and embraced those bleaching bones. He could feel his mind fleeing its home, when finally; with a forcefull shudder, it shattered his numbed body! Just before the panicked brain could fly away, through empty holes, where its faithfull friends Huginn and Muninn had roosted by day, he had a last thought or was it a wish…what if…


Drops falling on a face, indiscernible, like stormy clouds. What’s that? A ratio still intact, even after such relentless attacks? The Gods must have forgiven him his eternal sin. The shadow cried, out of sheer delight: “Oh, thou art merciful and wise beyond mortal realization. But I beg of thee please shed some light on this abominable body, so that I may recall who was once me!”. No one answered his jubilation. There rained a silence complete; broken only for the promise of cleansing tears from a mourning heaven. Comprehension is as the first touch of the dawning sun: fearless, simple, and pure. It will make all your troubles run away, with tails between their legs, or turns them into huge slavering giants, unconquerable, and cruel. He opened his eyes and fell prey to the most horrific sight he could have ever conceived.

by Reinaert de V.


And Some Dutch Joints

(rolled from a lighter brand)

  Böcklin Die Toteninsel



Leegte zowel binnen als buiten
De geest begeeft
Het landschap verlaten, verhuld in schemering
Tussen twee werelden klinkt de echo
Weer een voetval en weer
Op zoek naar vervlogen gedachten
Om in het heden te vergeten
Eenzame zielen blijven voort leven

door Reinaert de V.




“Groen & Vree”

Er was eens een boom, geen grote, maar zo’n kleintje in een park aan de vijver. Erg fijntjes stond het daar te genieten in de zon, dat de wortels zich spreiden tot diep in de grond. Gras groeide gewillig op deze aardige klont. Nog jong, maar veilig onder dat bladerdek, hadden die groene pollen het daar nog lang niet zo gek. Liefelijk beschermde het boompje hen tot ver in de lente, wat het echter niet kon weten, was het begin van hun ende! Een eind als voor u reeds bekend, want niets kon deze vree verstoren behalve dan het geluid van die ronkende motoren.

door Reinaert de V.