About the Author

“Philosopher, one living a life of speculation and self-denial, monk.”

Marcus Jastrow

Reinaert de Vos

“In Byzantium the fox was the philosophos. It was not his wiliness that was stressed, as was true in the West, but the vanity with which he displayed his learning.”

Remi Brague

He’s one sly fox, don’t trust a word he says… well, if that were true we would have ourselves a little conundrum. So lets skip that, and get sincere. Basically you’ll find stuff on here covering a broad spectrum, ranging from films to movies, to tv-series, Japanese animation, cartoons, some Hollywood blockbusters and foreign artsy-pantsy films, did I mention movies already? To keep it simple, most of my time will be diverted to analysing and writing reviews on cinematic classics and some flops when I’m working on my blog. I’ll try and update it regularly but since I’m a fox I can’t keep my promises.

Besides my love for moving pictures and greasy chickens I’ll also write on such fascinating topics as art, politics, history, religion, culture, comedy, cyberspace, advertisement, current issues, and what have you more. Coincidently the things I write about also cover my interests, and as seen from the above they lie mainly in the humanities, or ‘human sciences’ as they are called these days: sociology, psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, anthropology, religious studies, linguistics, art criticism, international and public relations. Does that tell you who I am? I think it tells you enough and the rest you’ll deduce from reading the articles I’ll be posting on this little free corner of the web.

What more is there to say? Let me see… I’ll probably write most of my stuff in English because it’s the Lingua Franca these days, and since generating some awareness of my online-existence and the things I write, create, and ponder upon is the purpose of my being here, it is much easier to achieve in English. But I’ll also write in Dutch when I’m in the mood for it, or when I think the subject matter benefits from it, sorry mensen! Don’t come looking here for short stories either, they will be few and far in between. I still believe there are people out there with an attention span that excedes that of the common fruitfly. Even though I’m sure fruitflies live very free and fulfilling lives.

Why I should name myself after Reynaert de Vos you ask? One of the oldest and most intriguing cultural archetypes is the trickster, and this purehearted fox is a unique Dutch exemplar of its kind. The trickster is a criminal of sorts, a subverter, and trespasser of boundaries and that’s also a nice fanciful way of saying, someone with a sense of humor. In short, the perfect avatar to symbolize the protean pastures (and pleasures) of internet, and a welcoming warning for friendly visitors to remain critical of whatever they read (here)! Pictures on my site are linked to their source, except those of my own making, which are given free under Creative Commons 3.0. (MY GALLERY) Go forth and multiply!

This isn’t all there is to say about me – thank God for that – but it is enough for now, because another aspect of the trickster is its elusive hard-to-pin-down character. The moment I think of something else to tell, you’ll guys be the first to know (if I don’t have more pressing business to attend to, that is…..mmm delicious chickens).

Thanks for traversing the murky waters of the Net to visit my humble abode…

…and be sure to enjoy your stay here fellow Cybersurfers!

the trickster

Reinaert de V.

“Coyote is not a Ghost, merely a Protean Trickster…” -Donna Haraway