Fight To Defeat!

by Reinaert de V.


"Conflict is the Engine of Change, 
and Change the Motor of Progression"

I want to dedicate this post to something worthwhile and well-known around the web (at least in Holland), and that is the program+community called FTD. Due to its communal and entrepreneurial spirit FTD has undergone many changes, updates, expansions, and what not, during the course of its evolution. Always experimenting, looking for fresh angles and exciting new features to add, and always trying to improve on the old. Something its many loyal fans testified to by voting with their feet – that is, by staying put. And throughout its development I have had the honour and privilige of providing some of the artwork that decorated its characteristic blue-hued, user-friendly, ever-changing and ever-efficient interfaces. Actually, for those who’ve been around from FTD’s humble beginnings there will be some familiar pieces on here, but luckily also some cool new stuff. That didn’t make the final cut. (see below)

On the cultural necessity of free information

Of course, at the moment FTD is locked in a fierce legal struggle with its archnemesis: The anti-piracy outfit with the Orwellian name BREIN (which translates into ‘brain’). I won’t go into the technical details of the case, but simply put: FTD is defending the basic right of every downloading internet user in Holland, by fighting for free circulation of information. Since, after all, information belongs in the public sphere, accessible to all. A worthy cause indeed! And one I passionately believe in, and which I recommend everybody to subscribe to. Hence my pamflet art at the top of my post, which I created at the request and on behest of FTD. I guess the symbolism contained therein speaks for itself. And even though I do not fully agree with the Darwinist motto quoted above, I do sincerely hope the battle will be won, and that FTD will survive to fight another day. Because FTD definitely is a Motor of Progression!

Digging for Threads

Artwork Vrijgegeven onder Creative Commons 3.0