One for the Ladies

by Reinaert de V.


Some simple experiments with the female form, which in my humble opinion, is extremely difficult to get just right. I made these about nine years ago.

As most women must experience on a daily basis, the delicacy of the feminine figure gets subjected to close scrutiny in society, especially these days! So flaws are easily picked out.

Part of the difficulty with drawing the proper proportions of women is due to the ‘male desire’, which may sometimes lead to distortions and…. exaggerations…

But the mainproblem’ is, women are the more finely wrought and richly endowed, thanks to our benevolent Creator, than their mostly square and bulky male counterparts. Making them that much harder to draw. A single line drawn at a slightly off angle and all is in ruin.

Of course there are always the exceptions to the rule, but my ‘experiments’ are based on idealized comicbook heroines. Well-rounded characters that serve the masculine fantasy.

The dangerous curves on display here, are an ode to the wonderful Dark Horse comic called “The Tenth“, and a tribute to lonesome teenage boys around the world.

I hope these drawings won’t add to the misery of some anti/conformist women out there. Just remember: to always eat your vedgetables!

Oh, yeah, and smoking is not sexy! ;-)



Artwork Vrijgegeven onder Creative Commons 3.0