Dokuji Demons

by Reinaert de V.

Dokuji Demons

This post is about a pet project I once enthousiastically embarked upon, before it slowly grinded to a miserable halt. As a matter of fact, it really didn’t even start moving at all! I think the problem was the enormous amount of time and effort that went into making each page, besides having no clear idea where the story was going, nor what it was about… Which probably shows I should first work out some kind of storyboard next time.

The vague idea I did have, was to create a comic called “Dokuji Demons” situated in the warped universe of “Dragonball Z” but with my own unique deranged take on things. “DBZ”, as it’s known to its die hard fans, was the hottest thing around at the time. It’s a famous Japanese soap-series of sorts, that catches you off-guard and doesn’t let go with its relentless repetition of ‘defeat, training, & victory’. It’s a combo that works like a charm and pushes the story along ad infinitum, and to some: ad nauseam!

The seemingly endless chain of characters also adds colour to the proceedings. Though the artwork – even for that time -, nor the storyline or anything else for that matter, compares very favourably with the really greats of Japanese animation. Which was probably the reason I thought I could pull it off in the first place. But maybe I’m a bit too harsh, because despite everything it’s still a great tv-series, and one with a good positive vibe and message for the kids: never give up!

The drawing you’ll find at the bottom of this page is the odd one out and should be considered seperately. It was my first try at drawing a comic ever. You’ve to excuse me for making something that must be pretty painful to the untrained eye. The comic is rather unorthodox in its form, since everything is happening simultaneously, so it’s kinda like a snapshot. But it’s also funny if you’re familiar with the saga. It’s my attempt at parody.

Dokuji Demons2

Dragonball ZOguki


Artwork Vrijgegeven onder Creative Commons 3.0